Association work

Association work

The wind energy industry plays a crucial role in the energy transition and the promotion of renewable energies. To successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of this dynamic industry, effective association work at the federal and state level is of great importance.

Close Cooperation with federal and state associations.

Through a strong and united voice of the associations, we as a member company can influence political decisions and regulatory frameworks through exchanges with political decision-makers. In addition, the events, working groups and specialist forums of the associations give us the opportunity both to follow current political developments in the industry closely and to expand our expertise in our respective specialist areas.

By pooling interests and sharing knowledge and experience, wind energy associations help companies achieve their goals and promote wind energy as an important pillar of the energy transition.

Qualitas Energy memberships

Active federal associations:

  • BWE – German Wind Energy Association
  • BDEW – German Association of Energy and Water Industries
  • Fachagentur Windenergie an Land
  • WindEurope


Active state associations:

  • BWE Berlin/Brandenburg
  • BWE Hesse
  • Thuringian Renewable Energies Network
  • LEE Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland
  • LEE Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • LEE Lower Saxony/Bremen
  • LEE Saxony
  • LEE Schleswig-Holstein
  • LEE North Rhine-Westphalia

*LEE – State Association for Renewable Energies

Melanie Gruschka

Melanie Gruschka

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Markus Wechselberger

Public Affairs Manager

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